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Thank you for visiting our dog evaluation page for the University of Sydney Farm Dog Project.

The purpose of this page is to gather data to genetically evaluate livestock herding dogs that have been used for breeding. This is done by having wonderful owners and handlers like you enter information on the dog(s) that you own. We welcome all breeds of dog that are used for Livestock herding.

This page works best using the Google Chrome browser.
Once you enter your name and postcode, a new button should appear that allows you to evaluate one of your dogs. After each dog is entered, its name should appear under the heading "Dogs that are available for you to evaluate". If you have entered information on a dog and this heading and list do not appear, try refreshing the browser page. You may update details on your dogs at any time by adding them again in the Add a dog section.

We would be particularly grateful if you are able to enter your dog's registered name if it has one, and ideally its registration number.